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KNAUF INDUSTRIES, a division of the KNAUF Group, is recognised worldwide as a favoured partner for major industrial sectors like the agri-food sector, building, household appliances, the automotive sector, industry and health. A specialist in packaging and production of technical items, Knauf Industries is the leader in the EPS and alveolar foams (EPS, EPP, etc.) moulded items market, and a major player in plastic injection and thermoforming.

Knauf Industries is present on every continent, with 42 sites, nearly 2,250 employees and an ID LAB research and development centre focused on innovation.


The KNAUF Group’s success came to life in 1932 from the vision of two brothers, Karl and Alfons KNAUF. These young mining engineers decided at that time to take up their first industrial challenge, founding Gebrüder KNAUF together. Specialised in gypsum extraction and processing, the business soon started producing construction materials intended for interiors, plastering and moulded plaster ceiling tiles.

In 1958, the company is starting producing plasterboard industrially. Innovation and growth gathered pace. To increasingly high-performance construction products and processes were added new products, particularly in the fields of insulation, packaging and plastics.

Since then, the KNAUF Group has succeeded in forging a reputation for excellence worldwide. Its exceptional industrial success is consolidated by the human and social principles of a business that has always drawn strength from its family values.

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The KNAUF Group

– 35 000 employees
– €10 billion in turnover
– Presence in 90 countries
– No. 1 plaster manufacturer in Europe
– No. 3 mineral wool manufacturer worldwide
– No. 1 expanded polystyrene processor worldwide
– 4 activities: Building (dry construction), Ceilling, Insulation & Plastics

Knauf Industries

Our field: shaping plastics
Leading polystyrene processor worldwide, leader in the EPS moulded item market and specialist in plastic injection, extrusion and thermoforming, KNAUF INDUSTRIES is present on every continent with 42 sites and almost 2,250 employees. Our sector-based organisation allows us to meet the needs of major industrial application fields.

Our expertise: serving industry
KNAUF INDUSTRIES offers products and solutions in line with the most demanding market expectations. Innovation, quality and customer service are at the heart of our concerns. Besides standard solutions and systems, KNAUF INDUSTRIES has made bespoke design its speciality, based on flexibility, innovation, cutting-edge technical resources and significant investment power.

Our mission: to create added value
It is KNAUF INDUSTRIES’ aim to remain an innovative and reliable leader, serving the agri-food, building, industrial, household appliance, automotive and HVAC sectors. Faithful to the Group’s fundamental values, KNAUF INDUSTRIES supports the success of its partner customers on a daily basis.

– Alveolar foams moulding
– Plastic injection
– Extrusion – Thermoforming

– Agri-food
– Building
– Industry
– Household appliances and HVAC
– Automotive
– Health

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