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Recycling of expanded polystyrene RECYCLING OF EXPANDED POLYPROPYLENE

Recycling of expanded polystyrene

Knauf, Knauf Industries and Isobox Isolation have launched Knauf Circular®, the channel that collects, recycles and recovers your EPS waste into new products.

This service has more than 320 collection agreements, more than 50 drop-off agreements and 18 collection sites throughout France, covering the entire country. The panel of agreement signatories is varied: construction professionals, food processing industries or seafood professionals, industrial holders of packaging and wedges, recycling professionals, waste collection centres, DIY stores, swimming pool specialists or even players in the paramedical or pharmaceutical sector.

How does it work in practice?

Knauf Circular® allows EPS to be upgraded by 2 methods:

  • Either the collected waste is shredded and recycled on our closed-loop processing sites, for reintegration into clean EPS waste production,
  • Or it will be shredded, compacted and sent locally to recyclers or partner companies.

They are then recycled in Europe in an open loop.

In both cases, your waste will be recovered into new polystyrene products for everyday use, new technical parts for industry and agriculture, or new insulation for the building industry.

Knauf Circular® is a simple and concrete solution for companies wishing to have their polystyrene waste recycled and to avoid putting it in CIW or incinerating it!

recycling scheme Knauf Circular service

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You are a private individual, a craftsman, a shopkeeper or an industrialist and you wish to recycle your EPS waste or scrap?

Do you have questions about how to take back your waste or would you like to organize on-site collection and guarantee the recycling of your EPS?

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Like most homogeneous thermoplastic materials, Expanded Polypropylene fluidizes under the effect of heat and subsequently hardens on cooling, in a reversible process. Therefore, it can be recycled ad infinitum!

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