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We are constantly looking for new talent, who embody our values, are ready to surpass themselves and innovate in order to have a positive and sustainable impact on our environment.

Joining Knauf Industries means:

1) Evolving in a company with strong valuesCSR ONE PAGER KNAUF INDUSTRIES FLYER

Knauf Industries is a division of the Knauf Group driven by 4 strong values:

  • Partnership because we are a team, we trust, we are loyal and we support each other
  • Commitment because we take pride and pleasure in the commitment in our actions, we achieve sustainable and high quality results in the service of our customers
  • Entrepreneurship because at KNAUF, whose capital is 100% family owned, we maintain an entrepreneurial, pioneering, innovative, adaptable, pragmatic and result-oriented spirit
  • “Menschlichkeit” because our family business shows humanity by knowing how to take care of the women and men who make it up, their environment and their safety.

Integration, development of skills, evolution & mobility

2) To be supported at every stage of one’s professional life

The aim of our HR policy is to ensure the best possible match between human resources and the optimal achievement of the company’s objectives, in order to achieve the group’s main concern: the satisfaction of our customers.

To achieve this, we encourage the commitment and fulfilment of all our employees and promote creativity and openness.

We have too set up high-performance tools at all sites: digitalisation of annual appraisal interviews, support for internal mobility, innovative systems for tutoring and the transfer of knowledge and skills, integration paths for new employees, etc.

Aware of the importance of the cohesion of our teams, we have also developed specific training actions (management, recognition at work, etc.) and built dedicated tools such as the Manager’s Guide in order to continuously develop our managerial performance.

Finally, we are also concerned about the quality of the social climate and human relations within all our establishments and we are committed to maintaining a frank and constructive dialogue with everyone.

Two Excited Employees Viewing Presentation


3) Working in a stimulating international environment where innovation is everywhere

Knauf Industries is present in France, Brazil, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Morocco, Poland and Germany.

Knauf Industries Worldwide – Knauf Industries (

Knauf Industries has an innovation and development laboratory which called ID Lab. Beyond our central Laboratory, we are developing Labs internationally.

The objective is to combine the agility of a local structure with the strength of proposal of an international group, all Labs being connected and challenging their ideas and concepts.


4) Working in a financially strong group

Knauf Industries enjoys a privileged location within a group that is a leader in its core business. This gives it a unique ability to finance its development projects.

All investments are made with equity capital.

map of Knauf Industries sites worldwide team business illustration

CSR Policy & recycling

5) Working in a responsible company

We manufacture packaging and technical parts in plastic materials in line with our CSR policy but selecting materials with the lowest environmental impact. We integrate eco-design from the beginning with all the internal and external actors concerned by the product and take into account its end of life. Our products are 100% recyclable, either by shredding and reintegration into new technical parts or industrial packaging, or by compacting to make new raw material for the manufacture of plastic parts. We are also setting up collection and recycling channels for the recovery of our products at the end of their life.

The circular economy is at the heart of our strategy.
A person who puts a PSE part in a shredder for recycling


6) Work tools and a motivating environment

Knauf Industries is committed on a daily basis to improving the quality of life at work for its employees, whether through the design of attractive spaces for employees, the implementation of measures to promote work-life balance (e.g. teleworking), team cohesion, etc.

In December 2019, our Saint-Etienne-de-Saint-Geoirs site won the Silver Trophy at the Victoires des Leaders du Capital Humain in the Quality of Life at Work category.
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Equality, Mixity & gender diversity

7) Working in a company that promotes professional equality and gender diversity

Knauf Industries has calculated the index intended to measure the wage gap between women and men. The average of the results obtained for the companies in the Knauf Industries France scope in 2023 was 86.8/100.*

Knauf Industries aims to improve this result and will implement actions to fight against the obstacles to gender diversity and to promote professional equality and diversity within the company.

*In application of the law of 5 September 2018, specified by a decree of 8 January 2019, on gender equality in the workplace
Discover the details of the gender equality index for the year 2022 and 2023.
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