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Our ethics

As a globally recognised family-owned company and market leader in building materials, Knauf is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations in all countries where we do business.



The Knauf Group, a major player in the field of construction and materials processing, is firmly committed to complying with all the laws and regulations in force in each of the countries in which it does business. This international company, recognised for its expertise and commitment to quality, attaches paramount importance to ethics and compliance. In an ever-changing world, scrupulous compliance with legal and regulatory standards is at the heart of Knauf’s philosophy, ensuring a responsible and sustainable approach to its global operations.

In this context, this page highlights Knauf and the Knauf Industries Division’s commitment to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, demonstrating our desire to contribute positively to all the communities in which our company operates.

We have detailed our principles in a Code of Conduct, which is translated into all languages and made available to all our employees and external stakeholders.

Knauf Code of Conduct EN

code de conduite du groupe Knauf


As a division of the Knauf Group, Knauf Industries embodies a corporate culture based on four core values that guide every step we take: Partnership, Commitment, Entrepreneurship and Menschlichkeit.

  • Partnership is the foundation of our success, strengthening our relationships with our customers, our employees and our partners, for a fruitful and lasting collaboration.
  • Our Commitment to Excellence drives us to constantly push back the boundaries of innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions to our customers.
  • Entrepreneurship is rooted in our DNA, encouraging creativity, calculated risk-taking and personal initiative, stimulating our growth and adaptability to market challenges.
  • Finally, the concept of Menschlichkeit, which means humanity in German, is the cornerstone of our approach. It embodies our commitment to mutual respect, social responsibility, compliance and integrity, reinforcing our role as a corporate citizen aware of our impact on society.

These 4 strong values, at the heart of Knauf Industries, are the foundation of our success and inspire us every day to take on new challenges, innovate and make a positive contribution to the communities and environment in which we operate.


The Code of Conduct for our suppliers embodies our commitment to ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices that comply with applicable laws.

At Knauf Industries, we strongly believe in creating strong partnerships and building a transparent and ethical supply chain.

Our Code of Conduct is more than just a set of rules and regulations. It represents our shared vision of responsibility towards our customers, our employees, our communities and our environment.

It reflects our expectations of ethical behaviour, respect for human rights, the environment, quality, safety and integrity in all interactions with our suppliers. We believe that adopting these principles builds mutual trust, fosters innovation and ensures the long-term sustainability of our business.

As a partner of Knauf Industries, we invite you to read this Code of Conduct carefully, to understand it and to apply it rigorously in your daily business operations. We are convinced that this will strengthen our collaboration and contribute to our common success.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Knauf Speak Up Line 📞

Integrity, transparency and trust are essential in everything we do. These values are deeply embedded in each of our business relationships. Knauf does not tolerate violations of the law, internal policies or ethical principles.

We recognise that situations may arise that require action. The sooner we know about them, the sooner we can act to remedy them.

To meet our high standards, we have made available to all our employees, customers, suppliers and other partners a whistleblowing platform called “Speak-Up Line”.

When problematic situations arise, we encourage everyone to make use of it and submit a report or contact our helpline in accordance with the provisions of this Whistleblowing Policy for external partners.

Each report is an important contribution to maintaining a safe and trustworthy environment for Knauf and its stakeholders.

The purpose of this Whistleblower Policy is to explain how customers, suppliers and other external stakeholders can raise concerns in confidence and without retaliation.

Knauf Group – SpeakUp Policy_Externals 2023_EN


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    • Divisional Compliance Officer for Knauf Industries Division : @Julie VASSEUR
    • Local Compliance Officer for Knauf Industries in France : @Joël LEMBERGER

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