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Our 3 plastic injection facilities enable us to roll out our expertise in injecting small and large, complex and decorative items to the international market.

  • Remarkable production power with injection of items from 5g to 15kg
  • Experts’ know-how to customise your products:
    – Automated duplicate moulding of inserts
    – Painting and marking
    – Automatic labelling
    – Assembly line

Our French facility in Dreux is specialised in the agri-food sector and BRC IOP-certified

  • 25 presses
  • 180,000,000 items produced annually
  • Ranks among the top 5 French players in our sector
  • Machinery of 50 to 450 Tonnes
  • Tools including 1 to 24 cavities
  • Single and two-stage for annual contracts of 200,000 to 20,000,000 objects
  • Modern and high-performance Robotic technology
  • IML for items finished directly with decoration: no reworking for manual bonding, or risk of detachment.


To better distinguish itself among all the references present on the shelves, Knauf Industries accompanies you in your approach of differentiation and personalization. From form to color, boost the communication of your dairy products.

The IML, combined with the shape of the packaging, is your source of personalization and differentiation in linear. Knauf Industries specializes in the removal of IML labels. Our robotics and our production organization allow us to apply IML in small and large series, on standard or specific packaging. We are therefore able to assist you in the personalization of each project.

To maintain high production rates and ensure the reliability of finished products, we have optical cameras and intruder detection systems that reject any non-compliant IML label. The fusion of IML labels in PP on PP trays reinforces our strategy of developing mono-materials that are 100% recyclable and integrated into existing sorting systems in Europe.

At Knauf Industries, we also internally manage IML labels for our customers. This service guarantees fast delivery and allows us to adapt to the requirements of seasonally-intensive markets such as ice cream or catering products.

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