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Knauf Industries expands its range of circular materials

As part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach, Knauf Industries is committed to offering packaging solutions made of responsible materials that contribute to the circular economy. In March 2020, Knauf Industries launched the first circular material in the range, NEOPS®, a alveolar foam certified by TÜV as being of non-petrosourced origin according to REDcert².

Once again this year, Knauf Industries is innovating and expanding its family of circular solutions by launching not 1 but 2 materials from recycled and 100% recyclable plastics :

R’KAP®, a circular mono-material made from up to 100% recycled plastics by Knauf Industries, for the manufacture of thermoformed or injected products

R’KAP®, a mono-material suitable for packaging food and processed products, made from up to 100% post-consumer recycled materials, with the same performance and characteristics as polypropylene and 100% recyclable in existing PP channels.

R’KAP® has REDcert² certification* which guarantees the origin of recycled plastic.

To date, all Knauf Industries plastic injection, extrusion and thermoforming plants are certified: Dreux (28), Pithiviers (45), La-Bernerie-en-Retz (44) and Torcé “Extrusion” (35).

This material innovation provides a solution for the circular economy as it reduces the use of fossil raw materials. The fossil raw materials needed for manufacturing are replaced by a substance derived from post-consumer plastic waste.

In addition to its excellent sealing qualities, R’KAP® can be microwaved and pasteurised and is available in Kapseal®, Kapclear® and Kaplight®.  This mono-material completes the range by combining technical, aesthetic and environmental advantages.

*The REDcert² certification is a applicable sustainability certification scheme that covers all sustainable raw materials (biomass, renewable energy etc.) in Europe



CELOOPS®, a cellular foam made from up to 100% recycled plastics by Knauf Industries

Knauf Industries is launching CELOOPS®, a cellular foam made from recycled plastic waste that offers the same technical characteristics as EPS expanded polystyrene and is recyclable.

This non-petroleum based material for the circular economy is certified by TÜV according to REDcert². The REDcert² certification guarantees the origin of the use of plastic waste throughout the entire production chain right up to the marketed product made of CELOOPS®.

To date, some Knauf Industries sites are REDcert² certified in France and in Spain.

CELOOPS® is a material of choice for packaging solutions because it is suitable for food contact. In addition to being made from recycled plastics, it is 100% recyclable at collection points and yellow bins, as well as in the Knauf Circular® loop, the German KNAUF group’s channel, which ensures the collection of EPS waste and guarantees its reuse in new products.


Knauf Industries is thus clarifying its choices in terms of eco-design and end-of-life management of its products. With its ID Lab research and innovation centre, Knauf Industries wants to develop responsible materials to offer its partners packaging solutions and technical parts that contribute to the circular economy.