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Knauf Industries launches NEOPS®, its new non-petro-sourced foam material, certified from biomass

Picture of plastic trays in neops by Knauf Industries

A low-carbon material innovation from Knauf Industries

The NEOPS® foam material is an alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS). It was born out of a collaboration between the ID lab research and development center of Knauf Industries and the producers of raw materials.

NEOPS® is a material manufactured according to the concept of biomass balance: the fossil raw materials necessary for the manufacture of polystyrene are replaced by renewable raw materials.
NEOPS® is REDcert² certified, a new standard on the use of sustainable biomass in the chemical industry. This material is non-petro-sourced and comes from non-food renewable resources (green waste) according to the Mass Balance method.

This innovation provides a solution to the circular economy because it reduces the use of fossil raw materials and greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions are reduced by at least 30%.

A NEOPS® product is 100% recyclable in the PSE sectors (sorting bins, collection points, KNAUF Circular).

The technical performance of NEOPS® is identical to expanded polystyrene but with a better environmental impact.

Different material grades are available with improved performance for thermal, fire resistance, shock absorption and food contact.