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NEOPS®, alternative material solution to fossil-based EPS

Knauf Industries launched NEOPS®, its new foam material, certified from from renewable resources.

Picture of plastic trays in neops by Knauf Industries

A material innovation from Knauf Industries

The NEOPS® foam material is an alternative to fossil-based expanded polystyrene (EPS). It was born out of a collaboration between the ID lab research and development center of Knauf Industries and the producers of raw materials.

NEOPS® is a material manufactured according to the concept of Biomass Balance*.
NEOPS® is REDcert² certified, a new standard on the use of sustainable biomass in the chemical industry.

This innovation provides a solution to the circular economy because it preserves feedstock resources and reduces carbon impact compared to EPS.

A NEOPS® product is 100% recyclable in the PSE sectors (sorting bins, collection points, KNAUF Circular).

The technical performance of NEOPS® is identical to expanded polystyrene but with a better environmental impact.

Different material grades are available with improved performance for thermal, fire resistance, shock absorption and food contact.

*Biomass from industrial waste unsuitable for food use or organic waste (organic waste from the forestry industry, not involved in deforestation, no competition with agricultural land for food production). Directive (EU) 2015/1513), Annex IX, Part A.