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Knauf Industries has developed protection and transport solutions made of alveolar foams (expanded polystyrene EPS, expanded polypropylene EPP) for more 40 years.


Strength, power, smartness but also lightness are the main qualities of our Isymoov® range.

We offer standard products and create bespoke solutions for the packaging, transport and handling of your products at every stage in the supply chain. From pallets to strips and rotation packaging, we deliver multiple solutions, but our range of products is unique: Isymoov®.

Choosing Isymoov® means:

  • Lightweight, strong handling solutions.
  • Relevant, automatable and reusable packaging.
  • A made-to-measure answer to your logistics needs.
  • Products designed with the circular economy in mind.
  • Production in one of our 20 French factories.


Designed to withstand industrial conditions, our Eurolight® pallets are a clean,
environmentally-friendly and ergonomic alternative to conventional wooden or plastic pallets.

Weighing less than 2 kg, hard-wearing and 100% recyclable, our solutions are ideal for every logistical channel (air, land and sea). They are perfectly suited to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and courier sectors.

Their light weight gives you the opportunity to optimise your transport costs and improve your operators’ working conditions (mono-material solutions made of 98% air, preventing repetitive strain injury)

Our solutions are perfectly suited to handling heavy loads by forklift or pallet truck, and can be moved by conveyor belt. They are available in the standard Europe – EUR or specific size and can be made to the dimensions and characteristics of your choice.


Eurolight® pallet product benefits

  • Easily automatable on production lines (on conveyor belts and for shrink wrapping). Suited to forklift or pallet truck handling (2 or 4 entries).
  • Isothermal: insulates your products from the ground and resists the damp (low absorption rate: 1 to 5%).
  • Robust: withstands loads that are comparable to other pallets. 98% air carrying 500 kg.
  • Perfectly clean: no need for NIMP15 treatment. It fully meets industrial customers’ needs whenever contamination is an issue.
  • Operational in your plants: makes work less arduous for operators, preventing Repetitive Strain Injury and other injuries (no splinters, sharp points or edges).
  • Protecting the environment: 100% recyclable, its lightweight design (98% air) reduces transport costs, whether by air or courier.


The weight of one wooden pallet is equivalent to 8 Eurolight® pallets made of airpop®



S-KI is an alternative or an addition to our Eurolight® pallets. Its dimensions optimise your packaging and your shipment volumes through a made-to-measure solution. Its light weight and low bulk optimise ergonomics and space on product packing stations. Its structure and design allow shock absorption to protect the packed products. Our S-KI are designed to bear heavy loads. At least 2 of them are combined to pack your products.

S-KI product benefits

  • Bespoke: customisable to your requests using our Technidec® know-how. Our solutions are produced to your chosen dimensions and characteristics.
  • Automation: fits perfectly to your conveyor belts and simplifies your packaging lines.
  • Robust: rigid with high mechanical strength, S-KI adapts to every kind of base.
  • Protection: no risks during handling (no nails, staples or splinters).
  • Economical: no more protective plates (cardboard, alveolar PP, etc.).
Isyimoov_Tasseau-scotch_appl TOPRO H120_appl


Specialised in plastic packaging design, Knauf Industries offers individual solutions for every product and production and filling line, for every type of transport.

From load-bearing packaging for the automotive sector to isothermal containers for pharma, the Komebac® range proposes and guarantees innovative, smart solutions for the storage, handling and transport of your products. Lightweight, reusable and ergonomic, Komebac® is a logical choice in today’s industry, where reusing and recycling packaging are success factors for environmentally-friendly logistics.

Komebac® product benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Reusable
  • 100% recyclable
  • Customisable (e.g. customer logo)
  • Robust: impact and scratch-resistant
  • Stackable and palletisable on Euro pallets
  • Tightly sealed lid (protects parts from dust and dirt)
  • Technical options: antistatic material, several colours available: contact us!

Technidec®’s made-to-measure advantage

Our Technidec® know-how gives you the benefit of bespoke containers with simple or complex shapes made of technical foam (e.g. airpop®, expanded polypropylene, plastazote, polyethylene).


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The Koncept modular, multi-purpose stay can be used to secure, store or transport all kinds of solid or hollow, cylindrical or tubular shapes as it adapts to their diameter and weight.

The stays currently on the market are suited to a single diameter, so a single stay cannot be standardised. Through its design and the material used, our Koncept can adapt to different diameters. The stay is designed to deform under the weight of the product.



  • Mono-material: made of one piece with integrated hinges
  • Available in airpop® and Expanded Polypropylene
  • 100% recyclable
  • User-friendly assembly and disassembly
  • 25% space saved in empty transport, on work station and storage, compared to a plastic crate
  • Lid designed for optimal locking
  • Slot for RFID chip: a breakthrough for traceability!
  • Various applications: rotation containers, storage solutions, etc.
Isymoov_Caisse_pliable_eclate Isymoov_Caisse_pliable_monte

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