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NEOPS® is an alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS). This material innovation from Knauf Industries was born out of a collaboration between ID lab and the producers of raw materials. NEOPS® is manufactured according to the concept of biomass balance *

REDcert² certified (new standard on the use of sustainable biomass in the chemical industry), this cellular material is non-petro-sourced and comes from non-food renewable resources (green waste) according to the Mass Balance method. This innovation reduces the use of fossil raw materials and greenhouse gas emissions (CO2) are reduced by at least 30%.

A NEOPS® product is 100% recyclable in the EPS sectors (sorting bins, collection points, KNAUF Circular). The technical performance of NEOPS® is identical to expanded polystyrene but with a better environmental impact. Different material grades are available with improved performance for thermal, fire resistance, shock absorption and food contact.

Biomass balance: the fossil raw materials necessary for the manufacture of polystyrene are replaced by renewable raw materials.

caisse neops

Reduce time to market:

  • Prototype and product validation using 3D printing
  • Quality control using 3D scanner to optimize the controls and give faster answer to our customers
  • Reverse design to optimize existing parts or develop replacement parts with new foam solution using 3D scanner
  • Numerical simulation software to reduce development time and reduce costs of testing and prototyping

Added value for our customers

  • Our innovative packaging software allow us to optimize the quantity of parts in the packaging and in your rotation boxes
  • Our real rendering product presentation allows you to better understand the solution and see the product in the real environment
  • Our new surface aspect technologies for aesthetic plastic foam parts allow our customers to target new markets and new applications
  • Our augmented reality tools facilitates the decision and choice of the best design out of the Knauf referential

Improve our people efficiency

We invest on people efficiency and continuous training to ensure the transition towards Industry 4.0

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