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A well-known player in the HVAC market for over 10 years, we handle the design, development and industrial production of plastic technical and protective items.


Knauf Industries is known for its great experience in protective packaging solutions for domestic appliances and technical components for the HVACR market.

Our development department and sales team specialized in the development of technical parts and protection systems work closely with our customers in the eco-design of their new range of brown and white goods.

Knauf Industries develops its expertise in the following technologies:

  • Moulding and cutting of EPP (Expanded polypropylene), airpop® (EPS), graphite-coated material, EPE (Expanded polyethylene)
  • PP, PS, ABS, PC plastic injection
  • PU, PE foam cutting

For technical items or packaging, Knauf Industries assists its customers and partners throughout their project:

  • In the creation phase with our ID Lab (design office, laboratory, prototyping centre)
  • In the industrial production phase in one of our 40 factories



Knauf Industries designs and manufactures bespoke closed-cell foam (airpop®, EPS, EPP, Arcel, etc.) packaging solutions for goods protection, shipping and storage.

These solutions are developed by our ID Lab. It is equipped with design tools, a 3D scanner, a prototyping centre and a laboratory provided with test equipment for protective packaging qualification (vibrating table, inclined plane, etc.).


HVAC application system design is becoming increasingly complex. Saving energy and regulatory changes govern market demand. Combining energy efficiency and keeping production costs optimised is a priority. As such, we regularly develop product concepts combining the following features for our partners:

  • Thermal insulation
  • Soundproofing
  • Air- and water-tightness
  • Fire resistance
  • Surface aspects

Besides plastic injection already recognised for its benefits, various closed-cell foams are perfectly in line with market expectations. These materials combine thermal insulation, a lightweight design, and mechanical strength. They make it possible to design high-performance units that are easy to implement on production lines. EPP, for example, with its mechanical properties and resilience makes it possible to replace conventional sheet metal and overlay insulation manufacturing solutions advantageously.


Knauf Industries launches NEOPS®, its new certified non-petro-sourced foam material that supports the circular economy of plastics and is an alternative to EPS.



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