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40 production facilities located in the vicinity of household appliance manufacturers.


Knauf Industries designs and manufactures protective packagings and technical parts for household appliances and electronic appliances. The materials used for manufacturing our products are chosen on the basis of the required technical characteristics for the protection and aesthetic design of your products.  Environmental preservation is also a selection criterion. Of these materials, airpop® is one of the most appropriate.

Airpop® (expanded polystyrene or EPS) is one of the most versatile raw materials in the world, with an infinite range of potential uses. airpop® is an extremely lightweight and resistant material, thanks to its remarkable mechanical properties. airpop® can be converted into a multitude of different shapes. Therefore, airpop® is the ideal solution for your protective packaging.

In addition, Knauf Industries processes other plastic materials such as EPP (expanded polypropylene), EPE (expanded polyethylene), Piocelan, etc.

For more details on the raw materials processed by Knauf Industries, consult our section ”our expertise”.


Besides protective packaging, Knauf Industries is specialised in the design and production of technical items. The materials chosen to manufacture these items fulfil environmental criteria and technical performances.

airpop® is a material favoured by Knauf Industries for its many benefits in terms of recyclability, light weight, mechanical strength, thermal insulation and soundproofing.
Used for some compressors for example, it ensures that the main components are secured in position (light weight and strength) and provides thermal insulation or soundproofing.

airpop® can be combined with other materials: hard plastics, plastic films and metal components for example. Complex solutions can be produced by assembly or over-moulding.


KNAUF Industries is the leader in the manufacture of airpop® packaging and technical items.
We are integrated and have our own airpop® raw material production.
Our expertise encompasses moulding and cutting of closed-cell foams (EPS, EPP, Piocelan, etc.), plastic injection and extrusion-thermoforming.
Our international presence allows us to ensure continuous and regular proximity with our customers and their production units.

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Our ID Lab, our specific R&D department, will take up any design challenge set by our customers. Eco-design is an integral part of our work methods and is included in each stage of the product life cycle.
Specially assigned engineers with extensive experience work on a daily basis on the development of our materials and technologies so as to offer you the most suitable product.
Our prototyping, testing and measuring equipment enables us to provide our customers with a validated ideal end solution.

To find out everything you need to know about our ID Lab, take a look at our Innovation section


Environmental preservation is an ongoing concern for us. We incorporate it from the eco-design stage to the end of life of our products, by way of sustainable production in close partnership with our customers and optimised logistics.

To find out everything you need to know about our eco-design process, take a look at our environment section.
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