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A brand specifically designed for seafood : Isobox AgroMer

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Our solutions for seafood

The Knauf Industries group has chosen to create a specific brand for the seafood and fish farming sectors: Isobox Agromer.

Isobox Agromer involves a specific team and resources targeted at seafood industry professionals.

Isobox Agromer offers its customers airpop®, thermoforming and plastic injection packaging solutions, in compliance with food safety, environmental and recyclability requirements.

The Isobox Agromer range is made up of packaging specifically intended for all the stages of fish and seafood packaging: from the fishing stage (handling) to bulk packaging (packs, boxes) and subsequently consumer packages at the point of sale (trays, display platters).

The objectives of Isobox Agromer: To encourage novelty and innovation and provide more effective solutions for seafood industry professionals’ needs.



airpop® fish boxes

Seafood products require
protective packaging that is beyond reproach.


In order to preserve their nutritional quality and integrity,
from the point of packaging to the point of sale,
we develop a range with multiple benefits.

airpop® fish boxes product benefits:

  • Formats available with or without drainage system
  • Lid available for all formats
  • airpop® isothermal properties
  • Perfect protection against shocks
  • Lightweight and functional packaging
  • Excellent stacking resistance
  • 100% recyclable boxes
The airpop® FISH BOXES
are fully customizable

Seafood platters

Besides preservation, seafood platters must enhance the products and be convenient. Our platters offer you multiple capacities for sharing whatever the number of people.

Seafood platter product benefits

  • Visually appealing packaging
  • Colour customisation available according to models
  • 100% recyclable platters
  • airpop® isothermal properties
  • Suitable formats and shapes for all requirements
Very wide range available !

Kary® Tray

Our eco-designed trays are in line with market standards.

Made from Kapseal® or Kapclear® mono-material, Kary® trays have everything to seduce you.

They ensure food safety, integrity and ease of use. They are eco-designed and suitable for modified atmosphere packaging.


  • Excellent sealing quality
  • Packaging materials developed for microwave use and pasteurisation
  • On our Kary® Peal ranges, an absorbent layer applied by ultrasound (no added adhesive) is available on request.

Kary® tray product benefits

  • 100% recyclable mono-materials
  • Eco-designed packaging due to material reduction
  • Multiple colours (Kapseal®) or clear version (Kapclear®) available
All Kary® trays are available in Kapseal® or Kapclear® (clear) format

airpop® boxes customisation

Standing out from the competition is important in marketing. We can decorate airpop® boxes to customise your packaging and enhance your products and your brand. With our expertise in 4 processes according to the desired finish, we perform printing on a wide range of boxes.

Screen printing

  • Two-tone decoration
  • Option to print on 4 sides
  • A number of Pantones available, perfectly suited to new shelf constraints


  • Digital printing based on a computer file
  • 2 colours available
  • Customisation on 1 to 4 sides
  • Prototype validation

Sleeve application

  • Fitting of a sleeve around the box
  • Multiple colours and decorations available
  • Decoration on 4 sides
  • High-definition graphics
  • Qualitative aspect of content enhanced

High-quality digital printing
  • Four-colour ink-jet printing
  • Marking on 2 sides

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