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Continuously in tune with food and industrial market changes, Knauf Industries is capable of providing a relevant and flexible response to the most varied needs.

Our process enables us to create packaging perfectly suited to all packing needs:
– clear
– coloured
– modified atmosphere
– frozen
– microwavable
– for protection
– for display
– for shipping

Our products are designed using design and production simulation software. This guarantees our quality: optimal choice of material thickness and distribution.

As a manufacturer of packaging for the agri-food industry, we attach great importance to complying with hygiene and food safety requirements at our production facilities. For an active commitment to food safety matters, an HACCP (*) process is applied in the production areas assigned for food packaging, which are BRC-IOP-certified.

By means of the latest-generation extrusion and thermoforming lines, Knauf Industries’ units guarantee routine high-quality products.

*HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point


Kapseal® and Kapclear® are mono-materials developed based on PP and originating from Knauf Industries research.

Their food preservation performances have been validated by ADIV (French Meat Industry Agri-Industrial Technical Institute). Kapseal® obtains comparable results to those of PET and PS multi-layer packaging on various criteria such as microbial flora, residual levels of O2 and CO2 or colour intensity.

KAPSEAL® AND KAPCLEAR® product benefits:

  • Exclusive mono-materials
  • Excellent sealing quality, guaranteeing no loss of gas in the packaging
  • Total production control in France
  • 100% recyclable packaging, validated by COTREP, for integration in the PP packaging recycling circuit


The revolution in food packaging

Kapseal® meets product preservation requirements and consumer expectations. Kapseal® packaging materials are easy and reliable to use industrially: they can be adapted to production lines in production areas and their sealing performance is excellent. Furthermore, Kapseal® has a formulation developed on a PP base, a stable raw material in terms of cost and offering better medium-term visibility, unlike PS and PET.


The first microwavable clear mono-material.

Kapclear® is 100% transparent in order to enhance the freshness of products while preserving their colour, flavour and integrity. Developed for microwave ovens and pasteurisation, its transparency and clarity are comparable to those of PET and markedly superior to those of PP (as per the standard ISO 14782).


Kapseal® and Kapclear® have a lower environmental impact than other plastic materials. Firstly, the production aims to be sustainable: less energy is required for the Kapseal® and Kapclear® extrusion process compared to other materials. The comparative LCA between Kapseal® and multi-layer complexes based on PS and PET demonstrates that Kapseal® is the material with the lowest environmental impact. Secondly, Kapseal® and Kapclear® are 100% recyclable. Their complete recyclability in selective sorting circuits (validated by COTREP) helps lower the environmental impact.

Finally, our packaging materials have an economical design. They are designed to account for material savings.

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