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Serving its new vision and mission

“Reducing the weight on our planet”. This is our vision.

For several months now, Knauf Industries has been working hard to implement its new corporate vision and mission.

We innovate to create lighter cars, safer food, better insulation and smarter industrial components. “. That’s our mission.

This vision and mission are our guiding principles. They reflect our determination to change our industrial processes and to develop products and services aimed at reducing our impact. This vision and mission have been defined with our employees, stakeholders and management on behalf of Knauf Industries as a whole.

Action is being taken to turn our vision and mission into reality:

  • Knauf Circular®, our service for collecting and recycling expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste, enables us to save raw materials and avoid wastage and over-consumption of materials. Knauf Circular® is provided by 18 French factories, which save five kilograms of CO2 for every kilogram of EPS recycled. In 2021, 5725 tonnes of CO2 were saved.
  • To promote the circular economy, Knauf Industries offers alternative materials to expanded polystyrene derived from fossil resources. NEOPS® is a material derived from green waste, manufactured according to the mass balance principle. CELOOPS® is a material made from up to 100% recycled plastics. And RELOOPS® is a material incorporating recycled polystyrene. All these materials can be recycled through existing recycling channels such as Knauf Circular®.
  • In France, dark food trays containing carbon black are not recycled because sorting centres are not equipped to detect them. To solve this problem and make it easier to recycle our trays, our ID lab team has created a new material: Kaplight®. With Kaplight®, brands can maintain a dark packaging for their products, while ensuring that it is detectable for recycling at sorting centres.
  • In its new Revo collection, our Polish customer Profim has permanently replaced the non-recyclable plywood structure with R-EPP, a material containing recycled material. Thanks to innovative bases, recycled fabrics and a carefully thought-out structure, up to 74% of each piece of Revo furniture can be reinjected into the raw materials cycle. This compares with just 5% for traditional plywood construction. By reducing energy consumption at every stage, from production to shipping, the carbon footprint has been reduced by up to 40%.

Watch the film about our vision and mission: