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Birth of the CREASTYR project, an initiative led by ELIPSO

The plastics industry is getting organised with the setting up of a French recycling scheme for EPS and XPS packaging ♻👍

In France, some household, industrial and commercial packaging is made of EPS and XPS resins, used for their impact protection and isothermal properties.

Expanded styrenic packaging is composed of 95% air, which makes it an advantage in terms of low CO2 emissions (amount of material used, transport, etc.) and optimisation of the amount of material used.

“10 industries and organisations have given birth to this project called CREASTYR”.

The industrial signatories of this roadmap are now pooling their expertise to :
👉 Develop the collection and sorting of EPS and XPS by increasing the collection from professionals (industry and distribution) and private individuals (in waste collection centres and waste from selective sorting) to ensure the material recovery of 100% of this waste and thus avoid its burial or incineration.
👉 Increase recycling and ensure the sustainability of the future sector by aiming to recycle 100% of EPS and XPS packaging collected in France by 2025 and reincorporate the recycled material into new products to make the sector technically and economically viable.
👉 Measure, raise awareness and communicate to make the existence of the collection and recycling channel known and thus enable the holders of the deposit to carry out the appropriate sorting gesture and also share figures on the deposit, collection and recycling.

Knauf Industries is committed to promoting, supporting the implementation of and achieving the objectives of the roadmap for the establishment of a polystyrene recycling network in France.

This initiative aims to develop our Knauf Circular expanded polystyrene waste collection and recycling service, already in place since 2020 and intended for our customers and partners.

Read the press release and the CREASTYR roadmap for more details on the initiative. 

The information was published on LinkedIn and on the internet ➡ Crea-STYR Elipso