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Polystyrene beads – EPS solutions for furniture manufacturers

At Knauf Industries we have been successfully offering modern solutions for furniture manufacturers. The two main materials that we apply in this sector are expanded polystyrene – EPS and expanded polypropylene – EPP. They are used both in indoor and outdoor furniture production offering numerous advantages for manufacturers and end-users.

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What are polystyrene beads for the furniture industry?

Styrofoam granules are simply expanded polystyrene raw material in the form of small beads with a diameter of 2 to 8 mm, depending on the type. The polystyrene expansion process is carried out to a specific weight. Thanks to this, 1m3 holds up to 28 kg of polystyrene beads. The product is available in bulk form, packaged in accordance with client’s specification: in bags or bags and cartons.

Furniture industry

Our offer includes Styrofoam beads of various diameters and dimensions that perfectly match the wide range of furniture and accessories. Our offer of expanded polystyrene beads is also addressed to manufacturers from the toy and textile industries. Our excellent quality products will work wherever resilient and solid polystyrene beads are needed.

Solutions from EPS beads for furniture manufacturers

Floral pillow on beige sofa next to table with candles in living room interior with pouf and posters
Picture of Revo beanbag chairs made from Knauf Industries EPP foam

Styrofoam beads producer – EPS for the furniture industry

At Knauf Industries we make high-quality polystyrene fillings for sofas, armchairs, pouffes, beanbags, mattresses, pillows and other types of furniture. Polystyrene beads are distinguished by their extraordinary functionality. As much as 98% of them consists of air, which means that the fillings made of them combine excellent protection with above-average lightness. This economical material is also a great insulator and excellent shock absorber. At the same time, it does not change its properties even under the influence of intensive exploitation.

More sustainable alternatives – NEOPS polystyrene beads

actu neops

For customers who are searching for a more sustainable variety of EPS beads we have developed NEOPS EPS beads. NEOPS is a certified expanded material from biomass resources (green waste) which constitutes a great alternative to the regular EPS. Thanks to its innovative manufacturing process the material’s CO2 emissions are reduced by at least 30%. Moreover, it is 100% recyclable in EPS channels (sorting bins, waste sorting centers, collection points) and KNAUF Circular® – our own EPS collection program. The appearance and technical characteristics of NEOPS are like expanded PS foam performances (EPS). The product and process are certified REDcert² by the TÜV.

Advantages of Knauf polystyrene beads

Zoomed picture of EPS beads

The expanded polystyrene granules offered by Knauf Industries come in various sizes, which allows for their wide application. The products are completely safe and user-friendly. They do not contain any impurities or toxic and harmful substances.

Due to their small size and excellent plasticity, polystyrene beads reach hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, filling them perfectly. Thanks to this, you can be sure that each piece of furniture, even the most intricate forms, will keep its perfectly profiled shape. Another advantage of the expanded polystyrene filler is its very low weight. Thanks to this, all furniture filled with beads can be easily moved to any place, which increases their usability and pleasure of use.
The beads are very easy and convenient to use. They are distinguished by perfect elasticity, and their subtle shifting under the influence of the weight of a person sitting on a pouffe or sofa adds to the furniture features of extraordinary comfort.
The big advantage of the beads is also their durability and solidity. This makes the granulate retain its properties, volume, and shape for many years, which translates into long-term functionality and comfort of using furniture.
In addition to excellent functional properties, furniture pieces with polystyrene filling are also characterized by a very aesthetic appearance. They are perfectly filled, which affects their effective design. They also guarantee extraordinary pleasure and comfort of rest or sleep.

EPS beads for bean bags and pouffes – applications of EPS beads

An excellent example of products that use polystyrene filling on a large scale are pouffes and beanbags. These are popular seats in the form of bags filled with small beads, whose characteristic design guarantees comfortable rest and deep relaxation. Beanbags perfectly adapt to the shape of the body. Importantly, you can freely change their form, without fear that the seat will be destroyed, or its current shape will remain that way forever. The secret of the comfort and high functionality of this piece of furniture lies precisely in the use of the proper polystyrene filling in the form of granules. Usually, furniture from manufacturers with whom we cooperate is filled with Knauf expanded polystyrene granulate on the production line, but nothing stands in the way of doing it yourself. For this reason, our granules are perfect for filling handmade furniture, e.g. pouffes, bean chairs, sofas or armchairs that are personalized or made to order.

Young man sitting on a modern bean bag, drinking coffee, watching something on his laptop
Picture of little boy sitting on a pouf with a book in his arms

Owing to the cushioning properties of EPS the beads from this material are also chosen by manufacturers of products for kids like floor pillows and cushions.
Headboards are another growing application of EPS beads is the furniture industry. The beads fill out the cushion of the headboard making it the perfect protection for bed user’s head. Moreover, they offer numerous design possibilities to personalize the headboards and make them a unique and distinctive furniture peace. The manufacturing process is controlled: our products are double-covered.

Delivery of EPS beads

We carry out deliveries of wholesale quantities, mainly full-truck loads. The offered granules are carefully packed in safe packaging. We guarantee favorable, competitive prices as well as professional advice and assistance in choosing the right solution for furniture manufacturers.