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Goal #ZeroHunger

Do you know that one third of the food produced in the world is wasted?

On this World Food Day, we are all mobilized for the purpose #ZeroHunger.

One of the actions to achieve this is the fight against the waste of food.


We can all act at our level.

Thanks to its functions, packaging has a role to play in avoiding food waste and waste

  • It keeps food
  • It protects against shocks
  • It preserves the integrity of food

Knauf Industries packaging goes beyond these functions.

On a daily basis, we accompany you in the right packaging by creating a container optimized for its contents.


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Among the new trends, individual or fractional consumption is constantly increasing.

Our service ID Lab (Innovation & Development) is a force of proposal in the design of packaging by adopting partitionable, breakable, resealable and waterproof packaging.


Everyone can act for #ZeroHunger.

Together we can inform and communicate about the value and management of the food.


You want more information on the contribution of packaging in the fight against food waste?

Find the recommendations of the National Council of Packaging (CNE)


Knauf Industries participated in the drafting of this document.



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