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CSR report 2021 picture page 1📢 Knauf Industries presents its first Corporate Social Responsibility report!

Since the end of 2018, Knauf Industries has embarked on the “Mission CSR” adventure with the implementation of a CSR approach guided by a team of ambassadors. Adherence to the United Nations Global Compact, followed by a consultation with our internal and external stakeholders, led us to identify five strategic CSR challenges:

1️⃣ Integrating CSR into our activities and businesses
2️⃣ Guaranteeing health, safety and well-being at work
3️⃣ Recovering materials at the end of their life
4️⃣ Protecting the health and safety of consumers
5️⃣ Reducing our consumption and emissions

Our teams will be delighted to share with you this first CSR report, which is authentic and inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ISO 26000 and the principles of the Global Compact.
It presents Knauf Industries, our role in the polymer life cycle and our CSR strategy.

In the meantime, we invite you to visit our social networks throughout the month of June. You will discover these issues in more detail and some of our actions to make them a reality.

Thanks to Raphaëlle VOGEL from Stepping Stones whose #CSR expertise contributes to the relevance of our initiatives.