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While the National Assembly passed the law on the circular economy on January 21, 2020, the Knauf Group gives new life to falls, packaging and wedging in EPS thanks to its new dedicated service Knauf Circular®.

EPS collection and recycling initiative provided by the Knauf Group for its Knauf, Knauf Industries, Isobox Isolation and Isobox Agromer brands over the whole of France.

Knauf Industries to all professionals, manufacturers in all sectors (food, everyday or sustainable consumer goods), distributors (hyper and super-markets) or recycling centers offer The Knauf Circular® service. This service makes it possible to recover, on site, their own EPS waste to introduce it into a responsible, reliable collection and recycling sector, guaranteeing the traceability of materials. This solution enhances these resources by giving them a second life, for a true model of virtuous circular economy.




By subscribing to the Knauf Circular® service, the players in the sectors using EPS conserve resources and fight against waste, by ensuring the sustainable management of EPS waste. Even better, they also fight landfill and uncontrolled dumping. Using the Knauf Circular® service also means, for businesses, ensuring compliance with regulations on the circular economy.

To support professionals, a website is dedicated to Knauf Circular®:

The Knauf Circular® paid service consists of the provision of 1m3 bags of capacity (or, if necessary, a more substantial return means).

Once the bags are filled, they are picked up within 10 days on sites (companies, grouping points, recycling centers, etc.) for a minimum of 20 bags of clean EPS (or rinsed in the case of used seafood packaging).

Waste traceability is ensured by the delivery of a waste collection slip.
This waste is recycled into new products by the nearest authorized recycling plant.