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Knauf Industries White Papers on Reusable Packaging and Reuse

Knauf Industries has recently published two white papers highlighting significant innovations in the fields of packaging, on reusable solutions. These in-depth documents demonstrate Knauf Industries’ efforts to inform its stakeholders about current trends, particularly in the industrial, transport and food sectors.


  • White paper on KOMEBAC® reusable packaging by Bulle d’air®: one step closer to the circular economy!

In 2017, Bulle d’air®, a Knauf Industries brand, embarked on the ambitious mission of creating a range of products focused on logistics and in particular handling and storage functions, in order to meet its customers’ needs more easily.

Livre blanc de l'emballage de rotation Knauf IndustriesThis has led to the creation of a comprehensive range, which focuses on lightweight handling, strength and durability. KOMEBAC® is a lightweight plastic container – the lightest on the market. The name KOMEBAC® refers to reverse logistics (come back), underlining the importance of reuse rather than simply recycling.

This white paper highlights the key features and benefits of KOMEBAC®, one of Knauf Industries’ solutions for the plastics circular economy. It also compares the different materials – cardboard, injected plastic and expanded polypropylene – to help customers choose the right solution for their packaging and transport needs.

“Our mission is to promote the use of reusable and returnable plastic packaging, leading to an overall reduction in plastic waste by advocating a fair regulatory framework for secondary packaging.”

Read the white paper here



  • Reuse for food packaging in a Knauf Industries Agri-food white paper (in french only)

The second Knauf Industries white paper, drawn up by the Knauf Agri-food team, focuses on the reuse of food packaging. Reuse contributes to the circular economy by extending the life of trays and boxes, reducing waste production and the use of fossil resources.

What is a reusable packaging?

“Packaging that has been designed, created and placed on the market in such a way that, during its life cycle, it can make several trips or rotations by being refilled or reused for a purpose identical to that for which it was designed”, according to article R543-43 of the French Environment Code.
Livre blanc sur le réemploi Knauf Industries

Reuse is: “any operation by which substances, materials or products that have become waste are used again.

Through this white paper, Knauf Industries promotes the reuse of packaging in the agri-food sector and provides insight for marketers who don’t know where to start. Knauf Industries Agri-food shares innovative strategies and initiatives put in place and highlights the benefits of reuse, underlining the crucial role it can play in creating a more circular supply chain.

Ask for the white paper here (in french only)


By publishing these white papers, Knauf Industries is demonstrating that continuous innovation is at the heart of its concerns. These initiatives serve to inspire others in the industry and pave the way for a more circular plastics economy and a more responsible use of our resources.

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