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Since 2019, the year of signing our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, we have been implementing targeted initiatives to strengthen our social policy, particularly in terms of diversity and inclusion, to engage with our stakeholders to promote more ethical business relationships throughout our supply chain, and to reduce the environmental impact of our activities as part of our environmental policy. Find all our commitments here.

In the face of unprecedented climate change, many countries have committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. This is also the case for the Knauf Group, which is committed to decarbonizing its industry by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Knauf Group has set identical objectives for all four divisions, including Knauf Industries:

  • 50% reduction in CO2 emissions for scopes 1 & 2 by 2032
  • 30% reduction in CO2 emissions for scope 3 by 2032
  • Achieve carbon neutrality (scopes 1, 2 & 3) by 2045
  • Be a leading actor in the circular economy
  • No products containing risky substances as of 2032
  • Zero waste to incineration and landfilling as of 2032
  • -2% annual water consumption

To achieve these commitments and contribute to the fight against climate change, the Knauf Group and its divisions are actively mobilizing towards an ecological and sustainable transition, thus embodying their responsibility towards future generations.

1) EcoVadis 2024 score

Our corporate social responsibility approach has once again been recognized by EcoVadis. We are delighted to share with you our EcoVadis 2024 score!

EcoVadis is the global reference in CSR assessment. It is a platform that measures companies’ performance on crucial themes such as governance, social and human rights, environment, business ethics, and responsible purchasing. It objectively and comprehensively evaluates our CSR practices.

We are proud to share our new score of 71/100, which demonstrates our continued commitment to more responsible business practices. It reflects the thorough assessments of our policies, practices, and performance in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

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Since 2016, we have been undergoing this rigorous evaluation. This approach provides us with the opportunity to progress while fostering transparent communication of our actions.

The EcoVadis assessment aims to:

  • Encourage companies to progress in their CSR approach
  • Provide customers and business partners with a clear view of a company’s CSR commitment so they can make decisions when choosing who to work with or invest in
  • Facilitate dialogue between companies and their stakeholders on sustainable development issues by facilitating the communication of results and the implementation of concrete actions

This evaluation, in the form of an online questionnaire, involves providing supporting documents such as our CSR report, policies, and reporting, which will undergo careful scrutiny by EcoVadis experts.

This crucial step aims to assess the relevance of the information we provide and ensure its compliance with the rigorous criteria defined by the platform. EcoVadis has become a strategic tool for us and a means of structuring our business.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to this success, our committed employees, and our strategic partners!

2) Carbon Project Disclosure 2023 Score

Every year, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) evaluates companies based on their environmental performance and their impact on :

  • Climate Change,
  • Water security,
  • Deforestation (Forest).

CDP assigns scores from A to D that classify commitment or awareness as follows:

  • Leadership (A)
  • Management (B)
  • Awareness (C)
  • Disclosure (D)

We are also proud to announce that our CDP score has significantly improved, moving from a D- in 2021, D in 2022 to C in 2023 ✨ on the analysis of our impact on Climate Change (CDP Climate Change).

We have obtained a score of D for the analysis of the measures of our impact on water (CDP Water).

CDP provides an essential analysis and reporting tool for sustainability-conscious companies. It allows them to voluntarily disclose their environmental practices, including their business strategy, governance, risks and opportunities, indicators, and commitment to stakeholders.

CDP progression Knauf Industries

This rating brings credibility. CDP is an independent organization that measures companies’ environmental performance. It is recognized by investors, customers, NGOs, and governments as a global reference in environmental reporting.

Publishing our score demonstrates our commitment to transparency and our efforts in sustainability.

In addition to risk management, the rating assigned by CDP also offers significant innovation opportunities for companies. By assessing and rating companies’ environmental performances, CDP allows them to identify areas for improvement. These improvements can not only lead to better environmental performance but also significant impact reductions.

To find out more about our CDP rating, please follow this link and in the form, enter “Knauf Industries” in the “Organization name” section.