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Covid 19 and deconfinement info!

Already 6 weeks ago, KNAUF Industries informed you about the measures taken to curb the devastating effects of this health and economic crisis.

We have adapted and shaken up our habits and our organization to satisfy the greatest number of our customers and continue to serve you.

Our pragmatic and effective business continuity plans have been of great help, have not been disproved by the facts, and have given us the opportunity to act in the best interests of our partners.

The working methods and collaborative tools put in place with all the departments and teams of KNAUF Industries enabled us to react quickly and to answer your questions and requests required by this situation.

The month of May 2020 should mark the end of the general confinement in Europe, depending on the countries, without however signifying an immediate return to the previous situation.

Some of our customers, partners and industrial players are now in a position to restart their production gradually. In this context, our priority remains safety: that of our employees and yours.

In order to take a serene approach to this recovery, we have defined the terms and conditions of work, via a deconfinement plan. Hygiene, prevention and social distancing measures remain mandatory and maintained in all our premises and for all our teams. Our aim is to continue to avoid contamination for all our production, field and administrative staff, as well as for our external relations. Visits to your premises will be carried out with complete peace of mind thanks to the strict application of the measures contained in our decontamination plan and in consultation with you.

Of course, our teams remain attentive to your requests. Our goal is to stay close to you and listen to you.

We reiterate our unfailing support to get you through this special time collectively, without forgetting our loved ones, who have been affected in one way or another by this pandemic. Let us continue to take care of them!

We look forward to seeing you again,