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Be a circular economy player with RELOOPS®!

Knauf Industries supports and commits to sustainable development.

Knauf Industries has made innovation a central part of its CSR policy. Working with our partners, customers and suppliers, we strive to develop products and materials that promote the circular economy.

Working closely with its customer and supplier partners, Knauf Industries has launched RELOOPS®, a range of cellular material solutions as an alternative to petroleum-based expanded polystyrene, made from pre- and post-consumer waste polystyrene (PS) and expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Knauf Industries innovates with RELOOPS®: a foam alternative to fossil-based EPS

As part of its CSR policy, Knauf Industries continues to innovate for a circular economy by offering materials derived from renewable or recycled resources as an alternative to petroleum-based materials, thus reinforcing its commitment to the preservation of fossil resources.

Advantages and characteristics of RELOOPS®

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Called RELOOPS®, this new material solution offers characteristics comparable to those of fossil-based expanded polystyrene (thermal and mechanical resistance, shock absorption, etc. on request), while incorporating recycled polystyrene from the mechanical recycling of pre- and post-consumer polystyrene (PS) and expanded polystyrene (EPS) waste.

This approach not only helps reduce waste, but also conserves fossil resources.
RELOOPS® is just as recyclable as fossil-based EPS, in existing channels including Knauf Circular®. RELOOPS® is ideally suited to industrial packaging*, technical parts and insulation products.
The recycled content of RELOOPS® products is certified by REDcert².

*For packaging, the use of materials containing post-consumer waste entitles the user to an eco-contribution premium, subject to the eligibility conditions of the eco-organizations (please consult us). RELOOPS® is not suitable for food contact.

A trio of alternatives for the plastics circular economy

In addition to RELOOPS®, Knauf Industries already offers other alternative material solutions: NEOPS®, CELOOPS® and R’KAP®.

NEOPS® : a certified1 material solution made from raw materials sourced from sustainable renewable resources2 and manufactured using the biomass balance approach. Its characteristics are identical to those of virgin EPS, but with a reduced carbon footprint.

CELOOPS® : a certified material solution made from up to 100% raw materials derived from the recycling of post-consumer plastic waste, manufactured using the mass balance approach. Its characteristics are identical to those of virgin EPS.

R’KAP® : mono-material suitable for packaging food products, certified to be derived from up to 100% post-consumer plastic recycling. Formulated on a polypropylene PP base, it is intended for the manufacture of thermoformed or injected products.

With this product, Knauf Industries is developing an alternative to fossil-based virgin polypropylene (PP).

In short, these new solutions developed for Knauf Industries customers open up new prospects for the circular economy and the preservation of fossil resources, while offering viable alternatives to traditional EPS, PP and soon PPE materials.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

¹certified by REDcert²

²Biomass from industrial waste unsuitable for food use or organic waste (organic waste from the forestry industry, not involved in deforestation, no competition with agricultural land for food production). Directive (EU) 2015/1513), Annex IX, Part A