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New for our new NEOPS® material

Remember at the beginning of March 2020, Knauf Industries launched NEOPS®, its new alternative foam material to expanded polystyrene (EPS), which is of non petro-sourced origin and favours the circular economy of plastics.

A low carbon material innovation from Knauf Industries, born from a collaboration between our Innovation & Development Center ID Lab and raw material manufacturers.

NEOPS® is officially certified according to REDcert², standard on the use of sustainable biomass in the chemical industry.

The sites concerned are :

  • Wolfgantzen (headquarters)
  • Duclair (76)
  • Guéméné-sur-Scorff (56)
  • Sainte-Marie-en-Chanois (70)
  • Saint-Etienne de St-Geoirs (38)
  • Richelieu (37)
  • & Bilbao (in Spain)


This material innovation contributes to the circular economy of plastics as it reduces the use of fossil raw materials and CO2 emissions by at least 30%.

A product made of NEOPS® is 100% recyclable in the EPS (sorting bins, waste sorting centers, collection points) and KNAUF Circular® sectors.
The technical performance of NEOPS® is identical to expanded polystyrene but with a better environmental impact.

Different material grades are available depending on the performance required: thermal, flame retardant, insulation, fire resistance, shock absorption and food contact.



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