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Don’t throw away thanks to Kary® Cristal!

You want to keep your products ?

Choose a reusable box to infinity!


Meals of mouth, communities, take-away, dishes in sauce, paella, cassoulet, lasagne … Kary® Cristal is multi-use and can be adapted to many uses.

Our range of hermetic boxes guarantees an optimal freshness of your products.

Kary® Cristal allows you to preserve all types of ingredients and protect them from moisture thanks to its total waterproofness.

Its rigid format ensures safety during your transport and storage.

Kary® Cristal brings a seductive and artisanal presentation of your products with its translucent color and smooth design. The latter allows easy spooning and an important restitution rate.

Its format is adapted to both artisanal and industrial applications. Its smooth lid allows you to affix a label.

Kary® Cristal resists negative and positive temperatures (-30 ° C to + 70 ° C for 2 hours and 100 ° C for 15 min).

It is versatile: micro-transition waves, freezer storage and dishwasher cleaning.








From 250ml to 1500ml, many formats according to your needs.


An ICE version of the range is available.

Kary® Cristal is compatible with industrial freezing (tunnel down to -30 ° C)


Manufactured in our Dreux plant (28)
certified BRC IoP,
Kary® Cristal is 100% recyclable. Made from polypropylene (PP),
it is composed of a tray and its hermetic lid.