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In line with the guidelines of the Circular Economy roadmap, Knauf Industries favours solutions based on 100% recyclable materials and which are covered by recycling schemes.


airpop® is one of Knauf Industries’ favoured materials. airpop® products are 100% recyclable. Either by crushing and reincorporation in new technical items or industrial packaging. Or by compacting to turn it into raw material intended for plastic item production.


airpop® in figures:

    • 13,000 tonnes of airpop® recycled annually, representing a recycling rate of 33% of all French stock
    • 62% of corporate airpop® packaging is recycled annually
    • 65% of French airpop® packaging consumption recycled annually
    • Almost 800 airpop® collection points can be found in France

(source Elipso



Like most homogeneous thermoplastic materials, Expanded Polypropylene fluidizes under the effect of heat and subsequently hardens on cooling, in a reversible process. Therefore, it can be recycled ad infinitum!

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