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Having a CSR strategy means taking into account social and environmental issues in our daily actions and within our development strategy

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Our Corporate Social Responsibility approach

As a player in the plastics value chain and a leader in most of its markets, Knauf Industries has initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility approach.
Being aware of all the global changes that can impact our business opens up perspectives, promotes moments of exchange and improves our practices.
We want to remain flexible and collaborate with our stakeholders so that our expertise in the plastics industry evolves to better adapt to their expectations and those of the market.

“We must work for a sustainable environment, reduce the impact of global warming, act as a responsible company while optimizing our organization”

On the way to the Knauf Industries CSR approach


Ambassadeurs Knauf mission CSR

In 2019, a participatory approach was initiated by the Knauf Industries Management Committee, including the creation of a group of “Mission CSR” Ambassadors.

Some 30 volunteer employees from various departments of the company were made aware of CSR. These volunteers then participated in the development of a CSR roadmap and shared roles and objectives according to their skills and motivations, in order to energize and relay messages and actions aimed at improving our social responsibility ranking.

“We will continue our efforts to ensure that every Knauf Industries employee, wherever they are, takes ownership of this CSR approach and brings it to life on a daily basis through concrete actions.”


Gilles Istin, CSR, Marketing and Innovation Director at Knauf Industries

Signature of the Global Compact

Knauf Industries has joined the United Nations Global Compact programme. This is an official commitment to an international initiative for sustainable development, which sets out ten principles in the areas of human rights, labour law, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

The United Nations Global Compact is the world’s largest network of more than 10,000 companies committed to corporate social responsibility and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By joining, Knauf Industries integrates responsible objectives and actions into its strategy, culture and operations to improve overall performance and reports annually on its progress within its sphere of influence and to the United Nations.

“These themes are embedded in the culture of Knauf Industries through our values, our code of conduct and the roadmap that defines the priorities of our CSR approach.”

EcoVadis rating

Since 2018, in response to customer demand, Knauf Industries has joined the EcoVadis extra-financial rating platform with the objective of becoming a supplier of choice by improving its CSR practices.

In 2020, our efforts started to bear fruit as our EcoVadis score improved by 30%. With a score of 51 points, Knauf Industries is now among the top 25 companies in its sector.

ecovadis Knauf Industries score

Dialogue with our stakeholders

During the first containment, in May 2020, we also decided to engage in a dialogue with our stakeholders, i.e. all the people and organisations that have an eye on us.

In order to enrich our thinking and to offer stakeholders the opportunity to express their expectations, inspirations and proposals for the future, a questionnaire was put online and interviews were conducted. They enabled everyone to get to know each other better in order to build trust, cross-reference expertise, envisage synergies, identify weak signals, anticipate and build a solid action plan.

This allows us to strengthen the trust of our clients and to continue our growth, based on our awareness and on concrete and innovative actions, having positive impacts on society while minimising the effects on the environment.

Knauf Industries stakeholder classification

CSR reports

In June 2021, we published our first sustainability report which presents who we are, what we contribute and how we behave towards our stakeholders. We have focused this report on what they expect from us. Its purpose is to be real and useful, coherent, relevant and authentic.

It has been built in accordance with the ISO 26000 and Global Compact standards and meets an accountability objective.


What is a social responsibility report? 

It is not just another brochure, it is a document that complies with many codes and addresses the various themes that CSR encompasses. It is the result of the work of our teams and describes Knauf Industries as a whole, with the actions implemented and the results obtained.

This first CSR report enables us to share our challenges, strategies, actions and results with all our internal and external stakeholders. Its structure shows that our responsibility applies to our teams, our markets, our territories and our environment.

Its title ‘More than just words, actions’ indicates that we are proud to act together and to go beyond commitments. We are proud to present here more than words, results.


Our reports were produced thanks to many Knauf Industries employees who participated in workshops, were interviewed, answered the questionnaire or contributed to the data collection. We would also like to thank our external stakeholders who, through interviews or the questionnaire, were able to provide a constructive view of our activities and our CSR approach.

This report is available on the United Nations Global Compact website.

You can contribute to its improvement by sending us your comments to this address: [email protected]

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