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Knauf Industries assists you throughout your project. You are assigned a specific sales and technical team, from understanding your needs to the end of life of your products.

Environmental conservation is an ever-present concern at Knauf Industries. Eco-design is integrated into all the stages of a project! We select the materials with the lowest environmental impact for the quality of use and technical performances required.
54% of consumers increasingly prefer products with less packaging or with recyclable packaging (TNS Sofres study – 2016).

For this reason, we optimise the design of our packaging and the quantity of material used. Our role is to create solutions for you that save on materials while preserving the quality of your products. We favour mono-material solutions and select our raw materials according to their technical characteristics.

As a responsible stakeholder, Knauf Industries is committed to Operation Clean Sweep aimed at preventing the loss of plastic granules in the environment and ensuring that they are contained in factories.

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